This is my personal website. Feel free to look around... but remember, parts of this website are under construction (still).


04-21-24: First (and overdue-ish) site update in 2024.

04-28-23: Experiments are now accessible. Although, there's only one yet.

03-28-23: Scratch that, it's not going to happen unfortunately.

03-17-23: Joining a webring for the first time (hopefully). Thanks for 1K views!

01-21-23: First site update in 2023!

11-29-22: A minor tweak was added. Thank you for 451 views.

10-26-22: A few more tweaks were added. Also, thank you for 304 views!

09-29-22: Added a few links now.

09-21-22: A few tweaks were made to the website layout now. And also, 101 views already?! Holy shit!

09-11-22: The about page is done. No links for the links page yet!

09-09-22: As you can see, this is my new website. Sorry if it took quite a long time.

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