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And some links (obviously).

Mutuals (or neofriends if you will):

NetherFalcon - It's a website or something.

alexanderjt - It's the alexanderjt, from YouTube!

WebGame2k - An amazing website, hands down.

lime360 - Despite the site being in development, it's still amazing.

Sites that I find interesting:

LPC Wiki - A wiki about olde cellphones (and maybe other things in between).

w2krepo - A software repo for Windows 2000 (and for XP as well, along with a few other things here and there).

Vimm's Lair - Olde games and more, what gives.

Pico8 - Yes, it has SUPERHOT as well.

Macintosh Repository - Software for Apple Macs, works with old browsers too.

Yesterweb - Because social media is killing the Internet.